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Rathburn Chemicals Ltd is a supplier of solvents for laboratory use and for other exacting applications.

The Company was the first to offer solvents for HPLC.

An extensive range of Glass Distilled Grade solvents is used in areas exemplified by pesticide residue analysis and in any other application where a low evaporation residue is essential.

Our range of materials for biochemistry encompasses materials which we can purify by chemical treatment and/or distillation.

As a manufacturer, we purify all of the materials we offer in our Walkerburn factory and so have full control of the quality of the resulting products.

This web site is presently under development and a wide range of information will be available here over the coming month.

If you have any enquiries, please direct them to the appropriate addresses below:-

General enquiries: info@rathburn.co.uk

Sales enquiries: sales@rathburn.co.uk

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